394 - Blue Button Extension - Medical Imaging

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is supporting and funding the Ray Group International (RGI)* and Harris Team's Innovation Initiative single use-case proof-of-concept software prototype for the extension of medical imaging capabilities available to Veterans through the Blue Button portal.

    (*As of November 2012, Ray Group International was acquired by PricewaterhouseCoopers.)

    The project seeks to extend the existing capabilities of My HealtheVet and Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Imaging to give Veterans the capability to select and download their own medical images for personal storage, and also securely transmit those images and their accompanying Radiology Reports to their attending physicians and healthcare providers. This Medical Imaging Blue Button extension will allow the “coordination of care” for the Veteran across non-VA and VA enterprises and adheres to the Blue Button objective of not exceeding the lowest common technology that any individual patient would have access to on their personal computer.

    This prototype effort will be developed in two increments:

    • Stage 1 will allow Veterans to download and store their own personal low-resolution referential chest x-rays and accompanying Radiology Reports locally to their home computer or to a USB flash drive;
    • Stage 2 will build upon Stage 1 and allow Veterans to securely email their external, non-VA healthcare providers full-resolution DICOM images and Radiology Reports using the Direct Secure Messaging and Large Image File Transfer (LiFT) technologies.
    For more information on our project and our project team, please navigate through the following pages:

    The following pages will take you to individual update pages for each of our Sprint Reviews:

    If you have any lingering questions about the project or just want to know more than what we've presented here, please contact our VA Innovation Coordinator - Kevin DeOrsey (kevin.deorsey@va.gov), our Project Manager - Kim Cirka (kim.cirka@us.pwc.com), or our Scrum Master - Kathleen Keating (kathleen.keating@us.pwc.com).

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    This project officially concluded on 3/4/13; our proposed no-cost extension did not proceed as anticipated. We thank you all for the time and guidance you've dedicated to making this project and prototype a success!


    The Blue Button Extension - Medical Imaging Project Team


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