5072 - Heart Failure



    The long-term goal across Heart Failure (HF) projects is to improve health care and outcomes for Veterans with HF. The short-term objective of this one-year project is to advance care of patients with HF by developing improved Clinical Decision Support (CDS) within clinical workflow in VA. this project will develop methods to link the CDS ATHENA-HF to the new tools in CPRS that dynamically generate reminder dialogues with active buttons.

    Our Specific Aims are as follows:

    (1) To establish health information technology to interoperate ATHENA-HF CDS with the new tools developed in CPRS for the POC CDS project;

    (2) To evaluate the accuracy of the recommendations generated by the new system, using sample VA patient data; and

    (3) To evaluate and improve the integrated system by stakeholder demonstrations/interviews in a test environment, incorporating feedback from stakeholders.

    For more information see the innovation Overview which includes this abstract, the problem statement and the innovative solution.

    Innovation Leaders

    Kaeli Yuen - (650) 493-5000 x64401
    Dr. Mary Goldstein - (650) 493-5000 x62105

    Innovation Coordinator
    Craig Davis - (321) 397-6566