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    The concept of this innovation is to provide a web based photo gallery capability that OIA can leverage to present graphical elements to the OIA Comms customers without requiring either download of the graphics/images or having an application available to open high resolution images in native graphics professional app based formats.

    As a secondary goal, the photo library is to be fully mobile device compatible and present a mobile device web app interface to allow those with reasonably sophisticated mobile browsers to consume the same application and functionality as the desktop.

    The photo gallery will be maintained and hosted internal to the VA and not accessible to the internet as it is intended for use by only those employees who are internal customers of the OIA Comms group.

    For more information see the innovation Overview which includes this abstract, the problem statement and the innovative solution.


    Contact Info
    Ricardo Aleman Innovator
    Wm. Cerniuk Innovation Coordinator 703.594.7616
    n/a OIT Support


    Pipeline Entry (internal VA network restricted access)