Remote Mental Health Intake and Assessment (eScreening) Program (20388)

The Remote Mental Health Intake and Assessment (eScreening) project is designed to give the VA OEF/OIF, mental health, and primary care communities the ability to automate collection and scoring of screening instruments in order to improve efficiency in treating patients.

The eScreening application will accelerate the process for enrolling patients into mental health care. This effort will create and deploy a web-based intake form for completing mental health assessments to be used for returning Operation Enduring Free/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) Veterans. eScreening will allow clinicians to perform patient-directed screening, real-time scoring and chart note generation, and individualized patient feedback. The application offers VA the option to administer eScreening assessments remotely as it will have the ability to store offline data. eScreening will provide a real-time push of clinical information to the VA electronic medical records system, and real-time alert to clinicians for evaluation and triage. The eScreening application was developed with funding from the 2010 Employee Innovations Competition.

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Key Contacts

Contact Info
Michael Kilmer Business Sponsor
Dr. Niloo Afari Lead Innovator
James Pittman Social Worker and Key Clinical SME
Liz (Elizabeth)Floto Clinical Center of Excellence for Stress and Mental Health (CESMAH) and Key Clinical SME
Clint Latimer Innovation Coordinator
Radhika Kumar Development Project Management


eScreening Demo Environment (
You can acess more information via the eScreening Pipeline Entry. (**This site had restricted access and is for internal VA network)

If you have any lingering questions about the project or want to know more than what has been provided here, please contact our VA Innovation Coordinator - Clint Latimer ( or the Development Team Project Manager - Radhika Kumar(